Josip Bosnjakovic

Training design and realization

Through constantly evolving and turbulent markets you can educate and train your employees to be at their best in sales, leadership, communication and other competencies that are crucial for the modern business. Throughout  12 years of working with people I have come up with the new, innovative and very result oriented training techniques that help your people grow.

Life coaching

We all have goals. Some have smaller ones and some have BIG GOALS. I work with people to assist them in reaching their full potential and give them support on their road to success. Be the best you can and free your inner strengths.

Business coaching

Modern executives and professionals have many challenges today. I assist them in their plans for successful and long lasting career. I support them with insights on their strengths and potentials and give space so they can find the best way to unleash themselves.

Team coaching

Forming teams out of  groups and integration of already formed teams is one of the most interesting and creative processes I have worked with.  I help your team to gain needed confidence and integration of company mission and goals.