How much time do you spend dreaming? And by dreaming I mean to let go completely and to free the inner child that doesn’t know about boundaries? Child that fights dragons, has imaginary friends and sisters with whom it can do everything that otherwise seems impossible or the child that has superpowers to freeze everything and everybody.

It’s a bit hard to start up the imagination. Then again, this is something that is very needed to start a good project. To enlighten a vision we need to, literally, draw our ideas and goals for our brain so it can  see the pictures, because nžbrain is the one that makes the various paths to that vision.

1. Define the goal

Beginning of every business start up, entrepreneur project or any other project is characterized by an idea. The vision. Place we want to be one day and to live it for the rest of our lives or for some time, anyway. That vision consists of many smaller goals that make control stops leading us to our vision. Write it down. See how it looks on the paper.

2. Ask the questions

Key aspect in defining the goals is to ask the right questions. By questions I refer to open questions that are used “open” and “drive” the conversation and our brain that makes the pictures that lead us to specific action steps we have to take:

  • What do I see/hear/feel during my goal?
  • What do I want to achieve with this project?
  • Why is this important to me?
  • How will I know I have achieved my goal?
  • Who participates in this? Who is influenced by my goal?

3. Present the goal to your brain

I don’t know if you knew, but your brain can not tell the difference between the things you dream about and those that are real! The detailed your goal is, with many pictures, sounds and feelings, it becomes closer, more real and the brain makes its personal program for achieving that goal, more precisely we come up with action steps HOW we are going to build our paths towards the goal.

And now you stand at the door of an adventure that will have many elements, ups and downs and in which, as any other hero, you have to find the right way.


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