Many successful companies have been using OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology (First introduced at Intel. Made mainstream and popular by being used all across Google. OKR users include Twitter, Sears, LinkedIn, Oracle, Zynga and many others). It’s a very simple method that allows you to monitor overall progress of your goals. And by that to do something about it.

Everything always starts with a VISION. Or even it should 🙂 Often young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs have a vision and immediately start with the action steps without deeper analysis and planning. And also often the results that come are the same, fast and dissatisfying.

It can be useful to have VISUALIZATION of entire flow of your business strategy.

OKR as a method aims at improvement of processes by establishing spots which could be better and enables that by FEEDBACK about the Key Results. Here you have to be very strict and objective in giving grades, because they are necessary for further learning and development. You grade only key results, NOT people.

How does NLP fits with OKR?

1. You need very powerful and strong VISION that drives you.

NLP as a very successful business tool gives many techniques that enable you (and your team) to create powerful and highly motivational vision.

2. You need commitment.

NLP makes new programs. New way of thinking and by that stronger commitments are being established. Team members are eager to participate, more open for sharing and more devoted to wok processes.

3. You need challenges

Organizations should challenge and examine their potential at all times. NLP moves you and your company. You evolve. You play. You develop. You learn.

Various methods are essential for any kind of work monitoring. When you have insights over your progress you can shift your strengths and be flexible to adapt to any situation and circumstances.

It’s not important if you are going to use this model or some other. Use any. And monitor, challenge, learn and motivate!

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